Chris Rock Has Had Enough of Supposed Baby-Mama

Comedians and DNA tests seem to be very big these days. However, unlike Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock was proven not to be the father of the child that a woman is accusing the comedian and actor of fathering. Kali Bowyer claimed that Rock was the father of her 13-year-old son, claims which were disproven by a paternity test. And now, Chris and his wife, Malaak, have decided to speak out, releasing a joint statement. Here’s an excerpt:

Last week it was concluded through DNA testing that Chris is not the father of Ms. Bowyer’s son. We have spent a tremendous sum to litigate this case and are asking our attorney to pursue all legal remedies against her. Additionally, we would like for any monies Ms. Bowyer has taken from the tabloid media based on this false story to be donated to Bulloch County, GA charities for the benefit of disadvantaged boys and girls.

I can totally seeing this happen to me years down the road, once I’ve established an illustrious career as a famous blogger. All these baby-daddies are going to be showing up, claiming that I’m the mother of their children. Damn the wild life-style of my past/present! I’m going to end up having to pay for it later.


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