Chris Rock Takes The Stand

A surly Chris Rock took the stand in the racketeering trial of California private eye to the stars, Anthony Pellicano. Pellicano is on trial for racketeering and conspiracy, wiretapping, witness tampering, identity theft and destruction of evidence. He is serving as his own attorney.

Chris Rock dropped the comedy, and allegedly was unthrilled to be called to the stand. He testified that he hired Pellicano to get the goods on a woman claiming to be pregnant with his kid. That happens to Chris a lot. The woman in question, Monika Zsibrita, also claimed that Rock had assaulted her. A DNA test, and an investigation, rendered both claims invalid.

Chris reportedly had trouble speaking up and was terse on the stand.

“So, you know that you believe that you didn’t do anything wrong?” Mr. Hummel [the district attorney] asked about the assault allegations. “I don’t believe it,” Rock replied. “I’m here as a free man… I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Rock also denied knowing of the methods Pellicano used to get info on the crazy lady. A phone call recording exists that has Rock and Pellicano discussing on how Pelliocano would “blacken” Zsibrita’s reputation. That part of the call was not brought into evidence.

Damn! Screw Diane Sawyer! I’m Mike Wallace, Charles Gibson and Stone Phillips today!

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Photos: Getty Images