Chris “Nostradamus” Rock?

This sketch from “The Chris Rock Show” from back in the day indicates that maybe Chris saw this whole O.J. thing coming from a mile away. TV Squad refers to the sketch in question, embedded above:

But the best part was when he talked about O.J. Simpson coming in to promote his new video. The title? I Didn’t Kill My Wife! (But If I DID, Here’s How I’d Do It). Wow. Remember, this was in 1997, nine years before OJ and Judith Regan got the bright idea to do an eventually-kiboshed book and TV special called If I Did It, Here’s How it Happened. So either Rock is a soothsayer, like I said, or Simpson and Regan owe him a finder’s fee for the idea.

What I’m wondering is if Chris Rock knew that “House of Wax” was going to be made. Because if he did know and didn’t do everything in his power to keep that shit from happening, he will have seriously let me down.

Chris Rock predicted the future! – VIDEO [TV Squad]

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