Chris Meloni Is Not Leaving “SVU” And That Wasn’t What He Meant

Chris Meloni is not leaving Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This is not a rumor, it’s straight from the actors mouth.

“It’s lies. All lies. No,” Meloni told at the Benefit Gala at NYC’s Wollman Rink where Johnny Weir was a skating on blinged-out blades. That means many more great times on set, like when he chatted and laughed with fans on July 8, 2009.

So how did the rumor that he and castmate Mariska Hargitay were leaving start?

At least as far as him leaving, he was quoted in Australian newspaper Courier-Mail saying, “I think 12 years is enough, a good number…It will be a difficult transition.” Okay so that sounded like it was straight from his mouth too, but he clarified that he meant when that at the time he had one year left on his contract and the show hadn’t been picked up. “It wasn’t [the reporter’s] fault.”