Chris Lowell Gives Us a Peek

June 16th, 2007 // 8 Comments

The former Piz, from “Veronica Mars” and the future Dell of “Private Practice” decided to show off his assets all in the name of music. Lowell and his band produced a video for his band Two Shots For Poe, and he gave us a sneak peak of his tush.

The money shot (NSFW) is after the jump.

By Jessica Marx

  1. calle

    he is definitely hot

  2. he has a fat ass. and he looks 12. yet thers something about him.

  3. Darth Paul

    Fat ass? I think not. He’d totally get it.

  4. Erin

    Nice ass

  5. Colby

    Okay…I honestly had NO IDEA that Piz had a body like this. I’m blown away…in a good way.
    Ahhh, its fun to objectify guys sometimes haha

  6. jac

    mmmm..can i get a front view. hes gotta nice tush not all hairy like my husbands.

  7. Mina

    is that “head” in the top pic all blurry? wow! um… Wow! cause it sure looks like he’s stroking it out the side of his towel.

  8. Jemilla

    haha @Mina its not the head its his hand pointing at his dick because he is talking about getting a boner every time he thinks about “deborah” on Life As We Know It (videos on youtube, including the one with these pics :))
    Does anyone know where i can see the video of him jumping into that lake? lol, i love chris lowell! he is SUPER HOT!! :P

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