Chris Brown Wildly Popular With The High School Set

The New York Times printed a rather disturbing article yesterday revealing what some high schoolers think about the Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco.

According to the paper, Chris Brown can do no wrong in the eyes of the under-18 set. In fact, many students had sympathy for him and instead blamed Rihanna for the Feb. 8 scuffle, which may leave Chris a convicted felon.

“She probably made him mad for him to react like that,” said one ninth grader in Hostos-Lincoln Academy in the Bronx. “You know, like, bring it on?”

They also don’t think he should be taken to court since Rihanna took him back. We knew those paparazzi-leaked jet-skiing photos were a Brown publicity stunt.

“She probably feels bad that it was her fault, so she took him back…I don’t think he’ll hit her like that again,” said another student.

In fact, according to recent survey of 200 teenagers by the Boston Public Health Commission,
46 percent said Rihanna was responsible for what happened; 52 percent
said both bore responsibility.

Wowza. We are speechless.

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