Chris Brown Went To That Other Rehab

The one Paris Hilton goes to, not the one for life changes.

Chris Brown hit up the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino yesterday (May 2) but kept a relatively low profile in…a skull cap? i think it was in the 80s in Vegas yesterday. Anyway he kept a low profile compared to Jamie Foxx who performed with Too Short and Ray J. Foxx started serving a few bottles of champagne to people around him and then spraying the cheering fans with the rest of the bubbly. In the pictures he seems to be looking for some mouths to pour red liquor in (I’m over heeeeeere!) 

Timbaland showed up and Foxx took the opportunity to talk a little business. Apparently he was was heard begging Timbaland to work with him on some music together

Eva Pigford showed up in a little bikini and big shoes at SkyBar and relaxed with some of her girls before heading to Vanity for some partying until 3:30 am. Also hanging out in the back of Vanity was Trey Songz, who was in New York the day before at the Revlon Walk/Run. A crowd of people who were in town for the Floyd Mayweather/Sugar Shane Mosley fight also hung out at the club including athletes Joakim Noah and Chester Taylor.