Chris Brown Takes In NBA Finals While His Layer Talks

While his lawyer chatted with Essence magazine about his client’s current legal situation, Chris Brown distracted himself from his current woes by taking in the NBA Finals Game 3 in Orlando.

Orlando Magic hosted the Lakers at the event, where an animated Brown took in the game with his buddy Omarion. The two were spotted recently out partying in Miami together.

As for Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos said in his interview, “Every client I represent, whether they are someone you’ve never heard of or someone you hear about every day, we take the position that you are not going to violate their privacy and their rights. So, to your question (about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s photo leak), I’ll just say stay tuned to what we’re going to do.”

I love that he’s talking like he’s hyping up an upcoming television series premiere.

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