Chris Brown Plays Benefit Concert But Remains A Douche

April 18th, 2010 // 8 Comments

While the world has been eating up Kristen Stewart‘s new Flaunt magazine photos, Chris Brown‘s six page pictorial spread in the April issue has eagerly been overlooked.  But fear no more, we’ve got them right here!  Long Nguyen did a superb job directing Chris’ shoot.  Some of the photos show a contemplative Chris Brown.  Hmm, maybe he is thinking of ways to get a better reputation.  Like a benefit concert!

He is holding a benefit concert, aptly named: Chris Brown & Friends, A Call To Action, Virginia Stand Up!  Really?  Could the event name be long enough?  How about Will Work Somewhat Hard For a Better Reputation.

According to CBS 6, the concert, taking place on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus in Richmond, is to support The American Red Cross in its continuing relief efforts in Haiti, the Richmond community, and The Central Virginia Food Bank.

Personally, I heard VCU was the second choice of venue after the University of Richmond denied Chris’ requests to hold it on their campus.  It’s just like his birthday when nobody wanted to have a party for him!

Chris will be joined at the benefit concert by his “friends”: Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, T-Pain, Ryan Leslie, Mario, Tank, and Juelz Santana.

I bet this will look good at his next progress hearing on May 11th.

By Caitlin Tadlock

  1. Alycia

    Im not one of his crazy little fans but enough is enough leave that young man ALONE. Even when he tries to do good yall continue to bring him down. His photoshoot was nice and he looked handsome.

  2. Anthony

    Is this what you do in your spare time? Try to make other people look bad for your own amusement. You are the dousche. Your probly just jealous of the guy. Lol just get outta here nobody likes a hater.


    Chris has always been involved with charity work, well before the incident. I find it funny that he’s being ridiculed whilst he tries to help others. It’s really a shame when people aren’t given second chances.

  4. Muffy

    Chris, you were the first man on earth to hit a woman. Call the History channel, so they can do a special on you.

  5. Muffy

    Chris, you were the first man on earth to hit a woman. Call the History channel so they can do a documentary own such a historic event.

  6. SandeePB

    Try being positive next time. It’s healthier. I think Chris has always been a very talented young man who has done more good than bad. I wish him the very best and am happy he’s out making a positive impact in this world.

  7. char char

    socialte life gossip magazine is a big fake.just leave Chris Brown in peace u all are not even better than him.leave the kid to grow up.what next do u have to gossip about him?please let it make some sense

  8. Alissa

    Fuck you who ever wrote this!!! GEt A freakin Life!!! Your just jealous!!!

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