Chris Brown Throws Club Girls In The Trunk!

Chris Brown was photographed with an SUV full of girls and signing autographs for fans Friday night after leaving a scheduled appearance at LUX nightclub in Miami, Florida.  I hope the girls know where the escape lever is to the SUV’s hatchback.  The classy club girls asses were photographed squatting in the trunk of the SUV as a suited man shut the hatch on them!  Oh Chris, you prove to the public once again you know just how to treat a lady!

I am slightly disappointed Brown didn’t show off anymore laugh-worthy bling to make this situation even more hilarious, like the diamond Kirby chain he was photographed wearing last month.

Chris will probably be celebrating all through out the weekend, hopefully not by locking girls from the club in his closet, his movie, along with T.I., Takers, raked in another 3 million dollars last night at the box office, landing it in the number 3 position early into the weekend.