Chris Brown Is A ‘Changed Man’

Or he just wants everyone to think he is. As Chris Brown’s trial slowly comes to a close, the singer has a released a single for his new album. The song titled “Changed Man” has lyrics that closely parallel his relationship with Rihanna and the aftermath of the battery charges. I didn’t see hear a mention about Wrigley gum, but you know he thought about it.

“What you do when the truth isn’t quite enough?/They looking at you telling you we need to break it up,” Chris sings on the track. “You need to choose what you do ’cause me and you in love/ But I’mma make it up to you and show the world I’m a changed man.” Look at him being all clever with the lyrics.

“You mean that much to me/ I don’t want to be done/I’m doing all that I can/ and everybody hates Chris/they could never understand.” It’s obvious that with a song like this, Chris is trying to win his audience as well as his ex-girlfriend back. Even though Rihanna didn’t want the restraining order, I highly doubt she’ll take him back.

Much like the Chris Brown apology video, I really don’t take this as being very sincere. I feel like he’s releasing it so people feel sorry for him and buy his record. For shame Chris! Although you did go to Skateland last night which was one of my favorite places as a kid. But no! I will no buy your album Graffiti. At least, I think I won’t.

Gallery Info: Chris Brown hangs out with some friends at a roller skating rink, Skateland.