Chris Brown Hooks Up Kanye West’s Ex Amber Rose

July 6th, 2009 // Leave a Comment

The relationship between Kanye West and his ex-girlfriend remains something of a grey area, with the two seeming to on-again, off-again. After all, they were just at the BET Awards on the red carpet together. But at the White Party thrown by Ashton Kutcher and Sean Combs in Beverly Hills over the weekend, it was clear that Chris Brown didn’t seem to mind.

Brown reportedly showed up to the party with his current companion of late, 18-year-old Teyana Taylor, but spent most of the evening thisclose to video vixen/model Amber Rose. A spy told the New York Daily News that Brown treated the crowd to an impressive impersonation of the Michael Jackson‘s moonwalk during a tribute to the late singer, which clearly impressed Amber.

Soon, the two were dancing, and according to the snitch, “They were holding hands and making out in the shadows. She had her hand on his leg.” Although the two remained inseparable throughout the event, they left separately.

Might want to get your love locked down, Kanye.

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and Amber Rose at the White Party.

By Lisa Timmons

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