Chris Brown Gambling Away Guilt in Vegas?

February 12th, 2009 // 8 Comments

The City of Sin is the temporary home to alleged woman-beater Chris Brown, who is reportedly holed up in the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. 

spokespeople are keeping paparazzi off the property and have refused to
confirm that Chris is staying with them, but they did admit that
“several of his friends are staying on the property.”  In other words,
they don’t want herds of Rihanna fans lining up with hate signs??

While telling police about the booty call which started their Saturday night fight, Rihanna admitted that Chris has hit her in the past and cited an ongoing and escalating abusive relationship.

There had been reports that the rapper was flying home to be with his family in Virginia, but apparently facing his once domestically abused mother seemed less pleasant than the sweet denial offered by gambling and drinking. 

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By Laura Bulchis

  1. SuperJ

    I can’t believe he is out in public. That takes some serious nuts. It is my sincere hope that some muscled up roid head takes his frustration about losing his last $10 out on Chris. Hey, sometimes fantasies become reality.
    And on a side note, to the editors of Socialite Life, please take down your slanderous post about Rihanna having herpes. That just isn’t cool.

  2. queen bee

    well you guy just go a way an let me work out his problem, they are people just like us chris has made a mistake an he need solve it an people how the hell do you know that rihanna has herpes you must have given it to her to know

  3. quenn bee

    will you guy just go a way an let them work out the problem. chris is a good singer an you all know that an he is also a good person he just made one bad mistke an you all just get so like all of you dont make mistake we are all humans you know

  4. ragmaglover

    Yea, that’s a pretty BIG one bad mistake. The kind that you say so long sucka, a lot worse that some medal winning swimmer tokin’ on a bong, C’MON Chris lover, take it down or you take it from him, the next punch that is.

  5. anon

    well queen bee (or quenn bee?), this is not just “one bad mistake”.

    according to the VICTIM (you remember her, don’t you?) it’s been an ongoing and escalating violent relationship.

    as in, it wasn’t just one bad mistake, but several. ongoing. escalating.

    they may be humans, just like us, but THIS human doesn’t make mistakes by issuing a beat down to my significant other to the point that he may need plastic surgery.

    oh, and you might benefit from some remedial English courses. Punctuation, “an” instead of “and”…

  6. Mia

    What a Smug piece of S**t.
    Not for long….just remember what Jay-Z said, “Dead Man Walking.”
    He’ll be getting his ass handed to him on a platter soon.
    Not so smug now.
    R.I.P you dumb f**k !!!!!!!!

  7. any

    What a loser!!! I live in Vegas and would rather he go the hell home. Someone should beat his ass!!

  8. Farida

    Remember, he’ s the one who got a “bootycall”, meaning : he was CHEATING on her! That is what beattenman use to do, fucking girls around and beat they’ re own woman when she asks where and with who they were!

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