Chris Brown Beats Justin Biber In Fan Contest?! Come Again..

June 25th, 2010 // 7 Comments

Is this a joke?
Chris Brown has more votes then teenie bopper Justin Bieber for the AOL Fandemonium Award at the BET Awards this Sunday?!! And get this..Brown is in first place & Bieber is in LAST place.
Ashton Kutcher….where are you hiding? This HAS to be an episode of Punk’d.
Apparently, each night fans can tune into BET’s ’106 & Park’ to receive the challenge of the day and then winners of the daily challenge are awarded votes for their favorite artist. Challenges vary from fans simply tweeting their favorite artist’s name (which went to Bieber) to watching their music video’s at to sending in photos of them being “superfans.”
Umm..who the heck is Chris Brown’s “superfan”….?
Think Bieber Fever is about to go back to a normal temperature? Highly doubtful. But I’m sure the news made douche Chris Brown really happy (seen here in Hollywood at a BET event at Phillippe Chow’s restaurant).

Other nominees include Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj.

By Sara Maccaferri

  1. Sebastien

    What planet are you from that you would think that Beiber would beat anyone at BET? You do know that he’s white, right? And sounds like a girl?

  2. Ashley

    If you didn’t know the name of the network. It’s called BET = BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION. Bieber kid can 1billon fans he was never winning that award. Sit your a** all the way down.

    Chris has a major fansbase. He’s winning because of the fans. It’s rigged or even cheated. It’s straight from them. Don’t down play it and get it twisted. Chris is and was the only superstar in that category.

  3. alicia

    Susan recommended me a nice community , ______ B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m ______ where black & white singles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with…. :D

  4. mbs

    he has lots of superfans.. and im one of them..

  5. bettyboopbbw69

    Where is your article on Charlie Sheen? He has threatened one wife, beat another, and shot another>….. (i’ll wait.)

    Where is your outrage at Sean Connery thinking women should be smacked around?

    (rolls eyes)

  6. char char

    am also a chrisbrown fan and i voted more than 100 times for breezy
    he has to win cos we sacrificed for him our time and money texting bet too.
    breezy is the best

  7. Bawston

    You voted more than 100x? Why don’t you spend your money on a musician who deserves our time and respect. Hell, spend it on a vuvuzela. When was the last time a got violent charges against it.

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