Chris Brown Attends NBA With Teyana Taylor, Flirts With The Ladies

June 15th, 2009 // 5 Comments

If this girl sitting just a seat away from Chris Brown looks familiar, it’s because you might have seen her on an episode of the spoiled brat MTV reality train wreck My Super Sweet 16.

In addition, singer Teyana Taylor bears more than a passing resemblance to Brown’s ex, Rihanna, with a similar full-lipped pout and over-the-top fashion sense. At least she looked enough alike to cause press to do a double-take when glancing at Chris at the NBA game.

While Chris is trying to smooth things between him and his ex, he’s not limiting himself romantically. The singer was looking like quite the ladies man as he spent the afternoon in Miami chatting with female fans and posing for photos.

And yes, that’s a wife-beater he’s wearing. Too soon, Chris. Too soon.

Gallery Info: Chris Brown attends NBA game with Teyana Taylor; Chris sporting a wife-beater tank top as he chats with ladies by the pool in Miami, Florida.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. amber

    ok first of all, there is no resemblance to Teyana Taylor and Rihanna, except that they both are black. They look nothing alike, have two completely different styles, and sing two different genre’s of music, so the comparisson between the two is riduculous. At least if you want to add some controversy to the story, you could say that they are all in a love-square with Drake and Rihanna…let me explain. Obviously Chris and Rihanna were together. Now it is rumored that Rihanna and Drake are an item, when not to long ago some picture of Drake and Teyana came out, and now she is seen out with Chris…. enough said

  2. FuckChrisBrown

    they look so corny together like that lmao

  3. Nicky

    Amber, I’d have to disagree. I think Teyana does have some resemblance to Rihanna. The fashion sense is similar because they both seem to dress kind of loud and out there. No one said anything about their music sounding the same though. I’ll admit I did have to do a double take of the main picture.

  4. Mia

    I’m really having trouble understanding why anyone (red flag for the ladies here) would even consider giving this piece of shit the time of day. What the Hell is wrong with people ? Has it slipped their minds that this coward almost beat his ‘so called’ love of his life to death. Lets also please remember that he took off ‘immediately’ after this smack-down and obviously didn’t give a flying fuck if she was still even breathing !!!!!
    If I ever saw this pathetic looser in public, it would be very difficult for me to maintain my composer and not ‘rip him a new one.’
    Fingers crossed that one day someone will do to him what he did to Rihanna.
    ‘An Eye For An Eye’….you bet your cherry ass !!!!!!!!

  5. Rene TSP

    man teyana is too fly for chris. rihanna and teyana have a name resemblance but that’s it. they are ust waisting their time talking about chris…he’ll get his in jail tho.

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