Chris Pratt Proves He Was Just As Adorable In High School As He Is Now

He can guard my galaxy anytime he wants!

35-year-old Chris Pratt has always been hilarious in a boy-next-door sort of way. But with his recent workout regimen and new superstar status since his latest film, Guardians Of The Galaxy he has reached new swoon worthy heights!

Now Vulture is revealing a candid look at Chris’ days in high school and it’s about as adorable and lovable as you’d expect.

Seen here, various photos of Chris Pratt were shared through Reddit and fans were able to take a look into Pratt’s days as a teen. He seems like he was s sweet kid with a smooch-able face! How can any high school girl resist a jock who is hilarious and a talented thespian? It’s like a romantic comedy in the making, best friend turned perfect boyfriend. I’m loving the photo of Chris getting fake punched in the face.