Chris Pratt Flexes His Muscles Shopping, While ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Rakes In The Big Bucks

'Guardians' Premiere
Chris Pratt and his hot costars step out for the premiere.
Chris Pratt is a happy man.

Not only is he super buff, which we can’t complain about, but his new movie Guardians of the Galaxy is doing phenomenal at the box office.  The Parks and Recreation star transformed his bod for his lead role in the flick.  If you’ve noticed (we sure have) he’s been looking all sorts of fine doing press for this thing.  

He also looked just as hot while grabbing some groceries in LA yesterday.  A man who does the shopping always has my heart.  I love that he’s becoming a major movie star but still does down to earth things, like carrying his own bags!

According to his recent interview with People Magazine  he really isn’t above any task, especially when it comes to wife Anna Faris.  Apparently he french braids her hair!  Woah.  She really needs to tell us how she convinced him to do that one!  If you’re still not convinced that he’s perfect, he’s also great with kids thanks to his 23-month-old son Jack.  His advice for calming down a fussing toddler?  “Monster trucks”.

He really is totally unpretentious, which is a breath of fresh air.  Guardians director, James Gunn sure seems to think so.  “There’s nobody out there like him.  He’s hilarious and masculine with an old-time movie star charisma and a likable vulnerability that is uniquely his own”, he gushed about Chris.

Judging by the record breaking $94 million that Guardians made this weekend, fans seems to agree.   And good news!  Marvel recently announced that a sequel to the film is already in the works!  Sounds like Chris is well on his way to a-list status!

Still can’t get enough Chris Pratt? Launch the gallery to get a peek of him showing off his bulging muscles while shopping!