Chris Pine Pleads Guilty To New Zealand DUI, But Everything Is Going To Be OK

Chris Pine's Package
FYI. Chris Pine hangs to the right.
In case you guys were worried about Chris Pine’s DUI arrest in New Zealand, fear not! For everything is going to be fine.

Chris made an appearance at a New Zealand courthouse today, where he plead guilty to driving drunk after a wrap party for Z for Zachariah on March 1. According to the folks inside, Chris stayed quiet and let his lawyer talk about how sorry he was before a sentence was handed down.

And honestly, his punishment isn’t that bad. 

Chris’ New Zealand drivers license will be suspended for 6 months, and he has to pay $93 New Zealand dollars ($79 US dollars) in fines. Now, maybe it’s just me, but that seems very reasonable. And chances are, he won’t even be in New Zealand for the next six months.

OK, so this is the part of the post where I gush about how hot Captain Fine looked, even though this is neither the time, nor the place. But he is pulling off that denim on denim look and I am digging the gray in his beard. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of today’s events. I love all the fans who showed up. What do you think of his punishment? Let us know in the comments!