Chris Pine Makes Us Swoon As He Talks Privacy, ‘Jack Ryan’ & Lindsay Lohan In ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Chris Pine!
Lots of Chris Pine photos for your enjoyment.
In the January issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Pine reminds us of something vert important: that he’s really awesome.

As the headline on the magazine cover reads, he has a very “peculiar cool,” and we love it. The actor is getting ready to start promoting his upcoming movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit like crazy, so get ready for plenty of Pine.

But isn’t it fun to learn something about the guy, too? Like did you know that watching Lindsay Lohan made him weary of the showbiz world?  

“It was a real cyclone of insanity, like being around The Beatles,” Chris told THR about working with Lindsay on Just My Luck. “It was fascinating to watch, and in hindsight it’s really a distinct moment in someone’s life when you see what’s really wonderful about what we get to do and what’s really dangerous about it.”

Luckily Chris has avoided the typical Hollywood lifestyle. Probably because he prefers to live a private life. And he has no interest in social media. “What am I going to tweet about? My sneakers? Or, ‘I have 140,000 friends on Facebook.’ What does that even mean? I find it to be a waste of time. The Internet is so caustic; just a place where people get to spew nonsense and bullshit.”

As for his new movie, which tells of Russia trying to destroy the US economy, Chris lamented in the magazine that the movie wasn’t released during the Edward Snowdenperiod, and instead got pushed to January 17. “It’s crazy how much the world has changed in just a year.” This sir, is true.

Read Chris’ full interview at The Hollywood Reporter and see what he has to say on his future in acting. I’m hoping it includes more of him singing, because that’s fun for me. Launch the gallery to check out all the handsome shots of Chris in THR. Does this interview make you love him more? Or less? Let us know in the comments!