Chris Pine Looks Sexy On ‘Jack Ryan’ Set, Shows Off Mega Watt Smile [PHOTOS]

Chris Pine!
Lots of Chris Pine photos for your enjoyment.
Friends, can we all agree that Chris Pine is pretty much the hottest thing in the world today?

The super sexy actor was spotted in London earlier (September 30) shooting scenes for his upcoming action movie, Jack Ryan. Honestly, the man is wearing khakis, a white shirt, a grey hoodie and I just want to jump his bones. Was that too much information?

Chris has been all over town filming Jack Ryan. Last time we spotted the hottie was with lovely co-star, Keira Knightley, where he kicked some ass and saved some lives. Well, mostly Keira’s life, but you get the picture. 

Jack Ryan is being directed by British thespian, director and all around amazingly talented human being, Kenneth Branagh. You know, it’s been quite a while since Mr. Branagh directed some Shakespeare, I’m thinking they need to do The Comedy of Errors, directed by Kenneth and starring Chris as Antipholus of Ephesus and Syracuse. Could be a good one!

Have I ever told you guys about the time I met Chris Pine? We took a picture together, he held me close, I’m pretty sure he whispered sweet nothings into my ear…OK, I made the last bit up, but the rest is true!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Chris being hot on set. He’s my favorite person today. Who’s yours?

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