Chris Pine Looking Good At LAX, Shares Lots Of Baggage With Dominique Piek [PHOTOS]

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We mean the physical kind of baggage. Although it’s very possible Chris Pine and Dominique Piek have got the emotional kind, too.

Captain Fine and his lady friend were spotted at LAX last night heading home after some Star Trek promotional tours in Japan. Hey! Why does only Japan get the Star Trek folks?! I want the Star Trek folks!

Man, Chris is just jumping from one thing to another very quickly. Why, not that long ago he was saving Keira Knightley from bad guys as Jack Ryan. We’re assuming he’s all done with that since his hair is suddenly short again. Unless it was just a wig the whole time! So what else is new with Chris?

You mean, other than being absurdly gorgeous and starring in the the new Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer? Not much, but does anyone need anything more in life?

No but seriously, what did he and Dominique take with them? Is that a very well wrapped guitar? Does Chris Pine play guitar? How did I not know this. Side note: Chris with glasses might be my new favorite. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the happy couple at LAX. Anyone else really into bespectacled Chris Pine?