Chris Pine Admits He’s Single After Ellen DeGeneres Tries To Make Him Cry

Chris Pine!
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If Chris Pine wasn’t already your favorite human of all time, allow me to present you with this ridiculously perfect video.

In his recent interview with Men’s Health, Chris admitted that he cries. A lot. Because he’s sensitive. And perfect. So obviously Ellen DeGeneres had to bring this up during his interview to promote Star Trek Into Darkness.

Apparently Chris cried during Up, which made the entire audience full of folks “awe,” and he shed a few tears during The Notebook. So Ellen tried to see if she could get him to cry during the most truly tear-inducing song of all time, Lionel Richie’s masterpiece “Hello”. Did it work? 

You can check out the video above to find out, but–SPOILER ALERT!–he doesn’t. It’s OK though, because then Ellen holds up the boom-box very Say Anything, Lloyd Dobbler status, while projecting pictures of kittens. It really doesn’t get better than this. Well, OK, except maybe this.

OH! And Chris is single. Sure, we knew already, but it’s nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Check out the video and tell us how much you love Chris in the comments!