Chris Martin Gives Gwyneth Paltrow A Very Public Kiss! [VIDEO]

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OMFG I can’t stand it.  Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin, who married in 2003, are famous for not having their photo taken together.  Even when they’re leaving a restaurant or gathering, they make sure to split up and meet up long after the paparazzi have given up.

Well, some lucky ducky at Coldplay’s June 29th show in Miami caught the moment Martin searched out his wife in the crowd, kissed her on the lips then ran back to the stage. I.  AM.  DYING.  Paltrow was clearly not expecting this, and looked so embarrassed (yet so giddy) as fans around her applauded and snapped photos.

Not in love with Paltrow’s burly security guard who flashed his mini power sword in people’s eyes to deter them from taking pictures.  Ease up, dude.  You’re ruining a precious moment.