Chris Martin And His Bulging Biceps Film Coldplay’s New Music Video

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For a skinny guy, Chris Martin has some pretty impressive biceps! The singer and the rest his Coldplay band members were in Sydney, Australian yesterday filming the music video for their new single, ’A Sky Full Of Stars,’ from their hit album Ghost Stories.

The lead singer was in a grey sleeveless tank, showing off his muscly physique for the video shoot. He was also sporting this weird looking instrument apparatus, which kinda made me look super dorky.

But, Chris Martin is a sexy dork so whatever…

The rest of the band also carried their one-man-band kits as they marched through the streets. Fans were invited to be in the music video via Twitter. The band tweeted:

While only 250 lucky fans got to be extras in the music video, the others who showed up got their own little concert. Chris serenaded the crowd and thanked the fans calling them “a lovely bunch of people.”

How nice is Coldplay? Love them.

By Natasha Reda

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