Chris Klein’s Dog Knew He Was An Alcoholic

American Pie star Chris Klein has revealed that he owes a lot to his dog, who made him realize that he needs to undergo an alcohol addiction treatment.

Even his German Shepherd, Chief, grew tired of the actor’s constant drinking following which the 33-year-old checked into a rehab to deal with his problems in 2010. And now he is celebrating more than 19 months of sobriety.

“He (Chief) would get agitated that the alcohol was coming out, and I will be forever grateful to him for that.” 

“He began to recognize the behavior shift in me when (I drank) alcohol and his behavior would change. Anybody that has a meaningful relationship with a dog will understand that the disappointment that I saw in his eyes, it was insurmountable,” he told People magazine.

A sober Klein (I forgot how handsome Chris actually is) was spotted returning to his hotel in New York City on April 4, 2012.