Chris Hemsworth’s ‘500 To 600′ Calories A Day Diet Sounds Crazy & I’m Going To Do It

Chris Hemsworth Vacays
Chris Hemsworth enjoys time at the beach in Costa Rica.
OK, so I probably won’t do the diet, but man am I impressed with Chris Hemsworth’s dedication to his craft.

After putting on pounds upon pounds of muscles to play Thor again in Thor: The Dark World, Chris had to turn right around and start shedding all that weight for his new movie, Heart Of The Sea.

Chris described the new flick on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying, “A bunch of sailors in a whaling ship get struck by a whale, the ship sinks and they jump onto the small rafts and drift for 90 days. And basically they begin to die and eat each other … a romantic comedy.” Clearly. 

But that’s not the exciting part. The exciting part is how he’s losing all that weight to play a stranded sailor.

“We have to get rather skinny. So we’re on 500 or 600 calories a day…I mean, you can consume 600 calories in a milkshake. So it ends up being a couple of small salads, a couple of small pieces of protein and that’s kind of it and you go to bed hungry. And then you have like a fasting period of 15 hours, like you stop eating completely, and then you have little meals through the day.”

I can’t decide if this is the most brilliant diet I’ve ever heard of or the worst one. Probably somewhere in the middle. I just have a vision of Chris being constantly hungry. Luckily he has a cheat day once a week where he can gorge. Listen to just what he ate in the video below.

Also, why hasn’t Chris been out with his wife Elsa Pataky and his daughter India in awhile? I miss them. Well, I guess just Chris will have to do. Check out the video below then launch the gallery to appreciate all the Hemsworth goodness. So, are we gonna do this diet or what?