Chris Hemsworth, You Make Us Swoon

Flaunt Magazine interviewed Thor hunkaroo Chris Hemsworth and as much as we tried to read the text, our eyes kept drifiting back to pics of Hemsworth.

The Australia-born actor has been cast in the action-packed movie co-starring Natalie Portman, and one would think it would go to his head.  Not so, says the mag.  Apparently Hemsworth is the farthest thing from a Hollywood bad boy.  He is “humble, genuine and wholesome.”

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Director Kenneth Branagh was also quick to praise the young Aussie:  “We needed a Thor who was capable of primitive, unthinking violence, a thuggish and brutish quality,” Branagh said.   “It’s the nature of Chris’ maleness that makes it work. His easy masculinity was crucial to the film’s overall tone.”

Thor opens May 6th.