Chris Hemsworth Worked Hard To Get The ‘Thor’ Look

So excited that Chris Hemsworth’s new movie Thor is opening this Friday, May 6th!  And even though he cut his hair and his muscles have disappeared a bit, people are still in awe of how big he got for the role.  How did he do it?  Hemsworth revealed to E! that after he saw a picture of the hammer wielding comic book hero and overheard people say he was too skinny, he hit the gym hard and began eating ‘copious amounts of food’ in order to bulk up.

PHOTOS: Chris Hemsworth’s Lookin’ Oh, So Sexy

And what does Chris think about his ‘beefcake’ status?  The modest cutie just laughed it off.  Seems like he’s still down to earth even after landing his breakthrough role.  A slimmer Hemsworth looked handsome as he headed to a Calvin Klein store while out promoting his new film in NYC on April 27, 2011.

Watch this video of Chris talking about his buff bod…

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