Chris Hemsworth Talks Twitter, Shirtlessness, And His Daughter With Prestige Magazine [PHOTOS]

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Still in the wake of The Avengers pandemonium, Chris Hemsworth is experiencing the best time of his life. With a beautiful wife, a newborn daughter, and a world of work opportunities, the Australian actor finally has the time to stop and enjoy the ride. Well, maybe not “stop,” per say. Immediately after doing extensive press for his 2 summer movies, The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman, he filmed his latest project in Europe, Rush, directed by Ron Howard. Amidst all of this was the birth of his first daughter, India Rose.

After a busy summer, Hemsworth can finally stay home and embrace fatherhood, right? The work of Thor is never done, as it happens. Hemsworth is back on location in the UK to film the second installment of the superhero franchise.

With the fullness of Hemsworth’s plate at the moment, it’s a wonder he had time to pose for the October issue of Prestige magazine. But nevertheless, the actor posed and spoke with the magazine while still maintaining his infectiously charming attitude.

Despite the lack of time off and constant state of change, Hemsworth has nothing to complain about, because ultimately he’s at a monumental point in his career where liberties have opened up. The actor explained “The biggest change to be honest — I mean, yeah, people recognise you — but the most rewarding thing is being able to pick and choose who I want to work with. You have the opportunity to try and get in contact with people that you might not have had access to before. That’s what you want; you want freedom and choice, in the industry and anything you do in life.”

No doubt the portrayal of the Norse God, Thor has opened plenty of doors for him. But with such a blatantly…bulky (physically at least) character, the doors are not necessarily the one’s he wants to go through. With so much focus on the physical aspects of the role, it may not be an easy feat to become known as more than just the guy who looks amazing shirtless. “It’s funny, you have one scene in the movie where you have your shirt off, then you do a press tour and it’s like, “So you spend the whole time in the film with your shirt off.” It was all of 10 seconds. So it can overshadow things. It is what it is, and that was what that character called for. But no, there’s no complaint about it. It becomes a challenge because you then have to be smart about what you pick after that; you want to show range. I don’t just want to do action films. Doing Rush, I think, was the best experience I ever had, because it was far more intimate and character based. It wasn’t about special effects. That was why I got into acting, because I’m interested in people’s personalities,” Hemsworth pointed out.

After that single shirtless scene in Thor, millions of people are, all of a sudden, interested  in just about everything involving the actor, and all of his Marvel-playing co-stars for that matter. But although some of his fellow Avengers cast mates partake in the use of twitter, such as Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans and Samuel L Jackson, Hemsworth doesn’t feel the need to. Most actors use twitter as a way to connect with their fans. Now, just because you won’t see any verified @ChrisHemsworth accounts any time soon, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his fans. He just prefers to keep an air of mystery between himself and the public. The actor continued, “…Also, it’s easier for them to believe you as that character if they don’t know too much about you. It’s hard not to be overexposed these days with the Internet, and especially when you do a tour for something like The Avengers or Snow White, where you’re contracted to do an incredible amount of press. Besides, I’d rather be hanging out with my family than updating to people I don’t know about what I had for lunch. Also, there are so many fake ones out there, which is pretty frustrating.” All understandable concerns; acceptable reasons. He’s still in my good graces.

Speaking of family, it’s no shocker that the new dad would rather be spending time with them. His wife, Spanish actress, Elsa Pataky, and their newborn daughter India are nothing to be competed with. In response to the topic of what he does in his down time, Hemsworth said “At the moment, hang out with my little baby. It’s fascinating watching her; every day there’s something different. Now she’s becoming more and more aware of the world and that’s incredible…”  Having such a good time with fatherhood so far, the extensive travel is probably unbearable for the actor, who has always been a family-focused guy. The actor explained “It’s tough, certainly. When you’re all in one place, it’s like a normal job. The hours can be inconsistent, but at least when you come home at night, the family’s there. The toughest thing is the press tours and the travel, which fortunately is only a couple of times a year for a couple of weeks at a time…”

Sure it’s hard to be away from your loved ones for extended periods, but when it comes to Chris Hemsworth, the choice between spending time with your beautiful family and playing iconic roles among the likes of some of the most celebrated actors and directors in the world, is a bittersweet one. Emphasis on the sweet.

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