Chris Hemsworth Talks Being Naked In ‘Rush,’ Sadly There Will Be No Full Frontal

Chris Hemsworth Goes Glam
Chris looks super sexy for Empire.
In the new Ron Howard film Rush, Chris Hemsworth’s character, late Formula One racer James Hunt, strips down to reveal his backside in one racy scene. But the Thor star says that’s as much as audiences can ever expect to see.

He said of a potential full-frontal turn, “I had enough trouble and fear and anxiety getting the backside out let alone — no it won’t be out there.”

Co-star Olivia Wilde, who plays Hunt’s supermodel wife Suzy Miller, confirmed that Hemworth wasn’t coddled when it came to his nude scenes… 

“With women taking off their clothes, everyone’s polite. It’s a closed set. Everyone’s like, ‘Are you okay?’ When he did it was like, ‘Chris, off!'”

Chris also discussed the nudity during his appearance at a NYC Apple store, and towards the end of the session Hemsworth joked about discussing sex scenes with Howard. “Maybe you could be in a missionary position and you could put your hand here,” he nailed an impression of Howard while describing how he guided him.

“I never imagined I would have a conversation about sex with Ron!” Hemsworth laughed.

Check out the handsome Hemsworth attending the Ferrari and The Cinema Society Screening of Rush at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on September 18, 2013 in New York City by launching the gallery.

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