Chris Hemsworth Looks Hot, Shows Off Baby India At LAX [PHOTOS]

Guys! Look at how cute India Hemsworth is! Now look at how cute Chris Hemsworth is! Now look at how pretty Elsa Pataky is!

Have we covered all the bases? Good. Thor super hottie Chris was spotted arriving on a flight at LAX today with his lovely lady and adorable daughter.

Seriously, I can’t get over India’s surprised face. And I’m loving that the hood is making her look like an elf.

Chris doesn’t look too shabby either. You know, I can’t decide if I prefer him in normal clothes or when he’s all dressed up as Thor. I suppose we’ll just have to keep looking of photos of both till I decide. Hey! So, what are they doing in LA?

No really, why are they in LA for the holidays? All of Chris’ family is in Australia and all of Elsa’s is presumably in Spain so… Oh! Maybe they’ve decided to meet in the middle for Christmas! See, it all makes sense.

Side note: have you guys ever heard Elsa’s Spanish accent? It’s awesome! I can only imagine the hilarity of the conversations between Chris’ Australian accent and Elsa’s Spanish one.

Good times had by all. Launch the gallery to check out all the cuteness that is the Pataky-Hemsworth family. I’m particularly fond of the ones of Chris making silly faces with India. Anybody else want to just give little India a squeeze? Or give Chris one, for that matter! Let us know in the comments!