Chris Hemsworth Looks Hot At LAX, Signs Autographs For Adoring Fans [PHOTOS]

Chris Hemsworth in 'Rush'
Hemsworth on set of Formula 1 film 'Rush'
There are just some things in this world that are perfect and Chris Hemsworth is most certainly one of them.

The super sexy Thor actor was spotted at LAX over the weekend leaving the beautiful skies of Los Angeles for somewhere way less cool. Well, probably not less cool, but it’s definitely got to be no fun for him leaving wife Elsa Pataky and his beyond cute daughter, India.

The trio had quite the holiday weekend–and even got lunch with uncle Liam Hemsworth. Also, have we fully discussed how Chris might get the lead role in Fifty Shades Of Grey? Talk amongst yourselves about your feelings towards that thoughts. Now, can we discuss just a few of the things that make Chris perfect?

The fact that he stopped to sign an autograph for a fan really makes me happy. Sure other celebrities do it, but there’s something about Chris that makes you feel like he’s enjoying the moment as much as you are. At least that’s what it looks like it pictures.

That is one very lucky fan! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Thor himself! Any of you guys ever had the pleasure of meeting him? Did he make your knees weak? Let us know in the comments!