Chris Hemsworth Looks Hot At The Airport, Is Ready To Show Off His Comedy Chops On The Big Screen

Personally I think it’s important to spend at least one day a week ogling muscles.

Today, we’re ogling Chris Hemsworth’s. The actor was spotted at LAX today alongside his gorgeous wife Elsa Pataky, signing autographs for fans before the two boarded their plane. Wait, why are you leaving LA? I didn’t get to accidentally run into you.

But honestly, that’s not what’s important. You know what is important? That Chris is getting ready to star in a comedy. Oh yes. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris has joined the cast of Vacation, a reboot of the National Lampoon Vacation films starring Chevy Chase.

The reboot will follow Ed Helms as Chevy’s son Rusty and Christina Applegate as Rusty’s wife, who have their own crazy vacation adventures. Chris is tapped to star as Ed’s brother-in-law. No word on the character name. It’s also rumored that Chevy is going to make a cameo, which would be awesome.

Overall, this really excites me. Chris has shown off his comedic timing as Thor, but hopefully he’ll prove he’s more than just a beautiful, dramatic, action hero face. Let’s stare at that face though, shall we? Launch the gallery to check it out. Enjoy.