Chris Hemsworth Is Showing Off His Family’s Workout Technique And His Muscles On Instagram

As far as brand new Instagram accounts go, Chris Hemsworth is doing pretty well so far.

First there was the photo of his giant snake (not a euphemism), and now we’ve got the Thor star being utterly adorable with one of his kids.

Chris shared the above photo on Instagram today with the caption, “The family who trains together, stays together!” The child in the photo is clearly not his daughter India, so it’s got to be one of his twins. Although I don’t know if it’s Sasha or Tristan

Either way, it’s still cute. And it’s a fantastic look at Chris’ super buff arms. Did you guys see Tom Hiddleston and Kenneth Branagh on The Graham Norton Show a couple of weeks ago? They start talking about Thor, and when Graham shows a photo of shirtless Chris in the role Tom jokes, “Chris Hemsworth is made out of genetically modified material. He wouldn’t mind my saying that. He’s a sort of, genetic anomaly I think.”

I tend to agree with you, Tom. Because while his brothers are very handsome too (love you Liam), Chris is like on another level entirely. You should watch the Tom and Kenneth interview below. Mostly for Kenneth’s impression of Chris. And are you following Chris on Instagram yet? Come on you guys! It’s only a matter of time before we get shirtless selfies. I can feel it.