Chris Hemsworth Has A New Favorite Pastime Involving Baby India & Biking

Chris and baby India
Chris Hemsworth carries baby India.
Can you guess what that new favorite pastime is? If you guessed biking with India in her own baby carriage, you would be correct! You’re so smart, readers.

Thor star Chris Hemsworth was spotted biking around Malibu earlier today, something that he’s really been into this past week. I mean, it is a chance to spend some quality time with India, as I assume that will be hard once his twins arrive.

Oh, and look, I think India has fallen asleep. 

Also, I am disappointed that Chris isn’t wearing a tight t-shirt to do some biking. Or really, can he wear no shirt at all? I would appreciate that. I mean, the man is ripped. All I want from Thor 3 is for him to be shirtless the whole time. And for Tom Hiddlestonto be shirtless…Sorry, I got lost in a weird place in my mind.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the Hemsworths biking around. Do you find them as cute as we do? Sound off in the comments!