Chris Hemsworth Enjoys A Rainy London Day With A Pregnant Elsa Pataky [PHOTOS]

Chris & Elsa
Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky enjoy some fun in the sun.
Check out that darling couple! Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, and pregnant wife, Elsa Pataky, were spotted strolling on a rainy London day. The two were super bundled up and Chris even warmed himself with some coffee. Elsa’s pregnant belly was barely noticeable under her adorable winter coat. Seriously, want it. Coat, not the belly. 

 Chris has kept a low profile the past month, almost as if he doesn’t want to overshadow brother Liam’s fame with The Hunger Games. Or he could just be enjoying time with his wife. Either way, he’s a sweet heart. Also, I think he should go out his Thor costume all the time. Seriously, how good does The Avengers look???

Check out all the super cute photos of Chris and Elsa in the gallery. Is it just me, or does Elsa Pataky sound like it should be the name of a cartoon character? Perhaps the older sister of Helga from Hey Arnold?