Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Have The Cutest Baby Of All Time [PHOTOS]

Alright folks, it’s official, India Hemsworth is the most beautiful celebrity baby. Hands down. No questions. Period.

The gorgeous baby girl was spotted out and about in Santa Monica with her mommy, Elsa Pataky, yesterday (March 19) grabbing lunch and doing some grocery shopping at their local Whole Foods. Man, the Hemsworths really love their Whole Foods.

Sadly, papa Chris Hemsworth wasn’t along for the fun. I’m assuming he was off somewhere showing off his crazy buff physique. But it’s OK! Because we got to see India! And she is adorable!!! Sure we’ve seen her before, but she’s getting to that age when she starts to have a personality that totally shines through. 

I’m particularly obsessed with her grumpy, duck face. Maybe this is the real reason Miley Cyrus doesn’t want to end things with Liam Hemsworth. She’s probably having way too much fun with the cute baby!

If you don’t yet believe that India Hemsworth should win awards for being cute, just launch the gallery, and trust me, you will. In fact, can we just award the whole Hemsworth family on being attractive? Well done, Mama & Papa Hemsworth!