Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky Enjoy A Day Of Shopping With Adorable India [PHOTOS]

Chris and baby India
Chris Hemsworth carries baby India.
In case your St. Patrick’s Day needs an adorable family pick-me-up, please enjoy these photos of Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky out shopping with their super cute baby, India.

The Hemsworth clan was spotted in Santa Monica yesterday (March 16) checking out some rugs at the local rug shop. Apparently there was a sale! Doesn’t it make you happy that even celebrities like shopping in the sale section?

Also! How cute is India looking these days? That girl is like a little baby angel. And she clearly likes to shop. Yesterday it was for rugs, and not too long ago it was for a surfboard. So do you think that Chris is ready for all the insanity that comes with a growing baby girl? 

First they go through the terrible twos and refusing everything, then before you know it they’re teenagers wanting to stay out late! I have this amazing image in my head of guys coming to date India and Chris answering the door dressed as Thor. Yup. Would not want to mess with that.

Launch the gallery to check out the cuteness that is the Hemsworth family. Where do they rank on your attractive family scale? I’ve gotta say, they’re pretty high on mine!