Chris Hemsworth Does Some Domestic Shopping, Wears See Through Shirt For Added Joy

Yes, Chris Hemsworth, yes. Wear that see through white shirt and go shopping. Yes.

The Thor star was busy showing off his sexy self today as he did some shopping at his local Bed Bath & Beyond. Aww, and look he went shopping with his mother. Clearly those Hemsworth boys know that mothers make the best shopping companions.

But you know Chris, if you ever need someone who isn’t your mother or your gorgeous wife, give me a ring. 

Especially if you’re going to Bed Bath & Beyond, because it is a magical wonderland. So, if Elsa’s stomach is any indication, she and Chris are set to become parents to twins very soon. I can’t wait to see these babies. Their daughter India is one of Hollywood’s cutest, so I can only imagine the twins will be cute too.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Chris shopping. If you stare at his shirt long enough, I swear it disappears. Which, as you know, is good for all of us.