Chris Hemsworth Debuts New ‘Thor’ Trailer, Takes Whirlwind Trip To Australia [PHOTOS]

Chris Hemsworth Goes Glam
Chris looks super sexy for Empire.
The man sure does clean up well.

Chris Hemsworth landed in Sydney, Australia for a 24 stop. The actor attended the 50th Anniversary Wool Awards at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park last night (April 23, 2013) in Sydney. He’s booked on a flight out of the country today.

Think of all the travel time Chris could save if he really had Thor-like powers. The downside would be having to lug that bulky hammer around with him everywhere he would go.

Speaking of Thor, a brand new trailer for Thor: The Dark World has dropped. 

Hemsworth has picked up his hammer once more to return as the Thunder God, and to reunite with his on-screen love Natalie Portman in the new trailer for Thor: The Dark World, but will he be forced to choose between his love, and life?

Following his stint saving the world from an alien invasion, thanks to his brother Loki in Avengers, Thor has brought the thunder to Earth once more – but he’s on a solo mission this time around.

In the new movie, Thor is fighting off the threat from the Dark Elves, who are led by Malekith (Christoher Eccleston), and he reunites with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), even taking her back to Asgard.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think. Then launch the gallery and get lost in Thor’s eyes.