Chris Hemsworth Celebrates Jamaica Independence Day, ‘Red Dawn’ Stills Released [PHOTOS]

Chris Hemsworth in 'Rush'
Hemsworth on set of Formula 1 film 'Rush'
Harry & Usain
The Prince raced the world's fastest man.
Looking his usual dishy self, Chris Hemsworth stopped by the  Puma Yard – Jamaica Independence day, held at the Boiler house in Brick Lane, London last night (August 6th).

Hemsworth next appears in the remake of 1984’s Red Dawn, co-starring Josh Hutcherson and Josh Peck.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was shot back in 2009, but MGM ran into a few financial issues, causing release delays.

Filmmakers also had to go back and digitally edit the invaders to appear North Korean rather than Chinese. 

The boys play close friends who wake up one morning to discover that the United States is being attacked.  They form the “Wolverines” in order to fight back for their Washington town’s freedom.  The film also stars Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Connor Cruise and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.