Chris Evans Shows Off Captain America Costume In ‘The Avengers’ [VIDEO]

Oh hey Chris Evans. You so sexy. Damn. Look at you in that Captain America uniform looking like the superhero you are. You know you want a piece of that Avenger. Chris was spotted on the set of The Avengers showing off his new costume for the film. As some of you might be able to tell, there are some difference between this one and the one he wore in Captain America: The First Avenger.

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And it’s not just Chris who is exploding onto the scene with his hotness. The Avengers is currently shooting in Cleveland, Ohio and used its surroundings to create some awesome special effects, complete with local extras. Check out the video after the jump of extras running about, cars racing and things exploding. According to Cinema Blend, the film shoot is really making the Clevelanders happy.

According to I Am Rogue, Captain America isn’t the only one with a new costume. Both Thor and Iron Man are getting new outfits too, but I’m still partial to Captain America. Also, he looks so good in leather I just can’t handle it! I’m mostly excited about The Avengers thanks to the sheer number of incredibly hot people that will be present.

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Make sure to check out all the latest photos of Captain America in the new outfit in the gallery. Enjoy, love, appreciate the hotness and glory that is Chris Evans. And definitely watch the exploding video. It’s super entertaining. There’s this one lady trying to run with heels. Love. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.