Chris Evans More Nude Than Before In ‘What’s Your Number’ [PHOTOS]

We’ve seen some screenshots of Chris Evans in his birthday suit for What’s Your Number, and we’re more than happy to bring you a slew more!

Chris and his co-star Anna Faris spoke about the number of nude scenes in the film. “[Chris] didn’t sign up for that,” Anna Faris joked about her co-stars many nude scenes.

“It’s funny — when I read the script [I] didn’t really register how many there were,” said Chris.

PHOTOS: Chris Evans Shows Off Captain America Costume In ‘The Avengers’

Chris Evans’ Captain America is out tomorrow on DVD and Blu-Ray. The film is about Steve Rogers (Evans) who was just a 90-pound weakling before Uncle Sam got his bony fingers on his body and bulked him out in this story of science experiments gone wrong.

Launch the gallery to check out the photos of Chris in and out of his underwear!

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