Chris Evans & Minka Kelly Spotted Separately, But Still Very Much Together [PHOTOS]

Cute couple alert! This time brought to you by Chris Evans and Minka Kelly.

The Avengers star and his gorgeous lady friends made headlines the other day when they were spotted around town together, and today is no exception. Well, except for the fact that they seem to have decided to take a short break from each other for the day.

Chris was spotted looking attractive even in workout clothes–people, running shoes are only OK when actually running–while lovely lady Minka looked flawless in a maxi shirt and olive shirt while walking her dog. If I didn’t like them so much, I’d hate them for being so beautiful. 

So I know people say that couples shouldn’t work together, but I think we should make an exception for Chris and Minka. I’m picturing them in some sort of romantic, action flick. The could kick ass, but have some very adorable couple banter as well.

I wonder if Minka was jealous of all the dudes hitting on Chris the other night as he hit up a gay club in West Hollywood. You know he was just a hit with the fellas. Launch the gallery to check out the photos of Chris and Minka’s different days. Still like the idea of them together? Sound off in the comments!