Chris Evans Makes A Beeline For The Doctor’s Office [PHOTOS]

'The Avengers'
The hot stars gather for the Hollywood premiere.
It's Captain America!
Zuma Rossdale dressed up as the superhero.
Evans At NYSE
Damn it, he looks good in a suit.
Yum.  Am I right, ladies?  Chris Evans booked it into a dermatology appointment in Studio City yesterday (July 23rd).  His next two flicks, Iceman and Snowpiercer are in post-production, while Captain America: The Winter Soldier has just been announced.

Following the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado on July 20th, Evans was one of many stars who expressed their sympathy for victims and their families.  “What the hell is happening?? my heart is completely shattered. all of my thoughts and prayers are with the people of aurora.”