Chris Evans Is All Smiles As He Knocks A Few Back At The Heineken House During The US Open

Things I’d like to do at some point in my life: drink beers with Chris Evans.

I assume that both of us would get tipsy and he’d let me get handsy with his muscles. Yes. That’s exactly what would happen.

Sadly, I wasn’t there yesterday to drink with Chris at the Heineken House while he watched the US Open. But it seems he had a very good time without me. He laughed, he played games, he looked hot–pretty much everything you would expect from Chris. 

Chris will grab his left pectoral (or other people’s)Also, have you noticed that when he is laughing? Quite a few people on the internet have noticed–there’s a Twitter–and decided to ask his Winter Soldier co-stars Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackieabout it at Wizard Con. Here is their glorious response.

I could watch that all day long. In fact I think I will. While I’m busy watching this, you guys should launch the gallery and stare at some hot Chris Evans. Thank god he has to keep himself buff for Captain America. It’s like a gift to the world.