Chris Evans Gets A ‘GQ’ Writer Wasted Off Her Arse

Usually when a star goes out and gets bombed in da club, he or she doesn’t want many people to know how chocolate wasted they got.  Not so for Chris Evans, who lives life like a champ and just wants to have a good time.  The Captain America: The First Avenger studmuffin is July’s GQ coverboy, and he thought it’d be a good idea to take the person interviewing him out for a night in Hollywood.

Despite his publicist’s pleas (she told Evans “Please don’t drink too much, please just don’t drink too much — you’re gonna take this person out, and they’re going to ruin you,” according to Us Magazine), Evans took interviewer Edith Zimmerman to Voyeur, where she mingled with his buddies in the VIP section.  Zimmerman recounted as much as she could remember of the night, writing “there were intermittent visits from Chris for enthusiastic hand holding and cheek kissing.”

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Evans had Zimmerman stay at his place because sister was three sheets to the wind.  Alas, she tried to “crawl out a window and wander off,” ending up in the gutter (where Evans found her and took her back inside).  In the light of day, everything looks different.  Especially if you were smashed off your ass with a movie star the night before.   Zimmerman skipped the whole “call a cab thing” and hitched a ride back to her hotel with “a very pretty, blond, possibly Asian transsexual and her much younger male friend.”

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Fast forward five days, and the two recapped their Hollywood night in New York City.  Evans told his mother that the GQ writer was “hammered.  Hammered!”  Zimmerman will either be fired very soon or write a best-selling novel about being a hot mess with fantastic life stories.