Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Film A Scene For ‘The Avengers’ [VIDEO]

Chris Evans has been back on the set of ‘The Avengers’ in his leather jacket and ridiculous looking costume for some time but now Chris Hemsworth is joining the action. He is making things look extra good! The set is located in Ohio, but is made to look like New York City. Chris Evans talked about his experience with Us Weekly and Daily Mail.

“Seeing the Iron Man suit, because I love the Iron Man movies, was so cool,’ Evans said. “And Hemsworth – have you seen him? He’s huge! He puts the cape on and the wig and its like, ‘Jeez!’ The guy’s the f****** god of Thunder.”

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Seen here, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are bad on the set of Avengers in  Cleveland, Ohio. The pair played their superhero alter egos, battling in the streets as the fans cheered them on. They even had their makeup and hair done while in full costume and shared some laughs on August 19th. Both of them look awesome in costume, especially Hemsworth. Its always so cheesy watching the action behind the scenes, but we all know this movie is going to be epic when viewed in its completion.

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