Chris Evans And Sebastian Stan Hang Out With Captain America At The New York Stock Exhange

Can someone please explain how having celebrities ring the bell for the New York Stock Exchange promotes a movie?

I mean sure, I’ll take any and all opportunity to stare at Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be confused. The stars of Captain America: The Winter Soldier were busy not only ringing the NYSE bell, but also hanging out with Captain America himself.

How do you think it feels to be the guy dressed up as Captain America? 

Like it has to feel al little silly, right? I mean, you’re posing next to actual Captain America–well, as actual as you can get–and you’re just smiling for the cameras. So basically, this entire day confuses me.

Still, Chris and Sebastian look hot. Also! Chris and his brother Scott are adorable. Check them out below playing the “Sibling-Wed” game on The Tonight Show. Watch it then launch the gallery for some Captain America: The Winter Solder hotness.