Chris Colfer’s Golden Globe Acceptance Speech

Many were rooting for Chris Colfer for his Golden Globe win last night, but some also thought that his character on Glee is undeserving of the accolade because of how many stereotypes he seems to reinforce. As I’ve learned, stereotypes are merely the ‘law of averages’ when it comes to personality traits. They aren’t prejudice – they are simply facts.

I’m happy he won. Is his character or performance the best on television? Probably not. But as Joy Behar says, “Who cares?”

Regardless, Colfer gave a very nice speech (which you can watch after the jump) and joked backstage, “I really hope the LAPD lets me off with a warning tonight, because I’m gonna go crazy.” He said he sort of ‘blacked out’ when they called his name and was trying to keep it together.

“I have my big boy pants on, so I’m trying not to [cry].”

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